15 January 2013

The Weight Of The World

As I type this post I can feel the weight of the world trying to take place on my shoulders. I could allow it. I mean I have every right to feel this way.  My husband just had surgery yesterday. I have my own schoolwork due tomorrow that I am about half way done with. My two blessings have their own school they need to do. I have to ensure that I am posting in my online Bible study. I need to ensure that I am taking my quiet time with Him. The house needs to be done because my dad will be visiting us for a few days. Grocery shopping needs to be done. Errands need to be ran.  Blog posts need to be written. A shower is needed. I need to ensure that our family Bible study is done each day. So I have a right to feel the weight on my shoulders, right?


The weight of the world will only take place on my shoulders if I allow it.  Each time a thought of "oh I have to do this and that," or  I feel anxiety starting to creep in, He whispers to me. "Daughter, I am with you. You are not alone. I am here to help. Breathe in. Breathe out. Take one thing at a time."

Yes. One thing at a time.

My time with God comes first. Once I make time for Him then I can prioritize everything else.

I do not need to do everything listed. My focus needs to be Him, my husband, and my two blessings. Then everything else follows behind. Errands and grocery shopping do not need to be done today. We have food for the week and are not in need. Errands are paying bills locally. I can easily walk to the mailbox and place the bills in the mailbox and have the mailman deliver them for me.

My two blessings can help me with the house. My schoolwork can be done later this afternoon. Nothing says everything has to be done now.

We, humans, make the weight of the world fall onto our shoulders because we allow it. We need to take a moment or two, or more, to breathe in and then breathe out. We need to make a list, prioritize what needs to be done. We can delegate tasks to family members or even friends when we are in a time of need. We do not need to take the world on by ourselves. He is willing to help us. He is wanting to take that weight.

Why not give it all to someone who is willing to take it all? Why not give it to someone who has given us so much and is willingly to take our burdens as His own?

I am so grateful that I do not have to do this all by myself. I am so grateful that He is walking with me today as I tackle each item.

My heart is happy.

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  1. What wonderful peace He gives us as we rely on Him!! Have a great afternoon!



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