16 January 2013

My Heart Aches

My heart aches.

I complain about having to pick up socks off the floor.

I ask my son to please open his bedroom blinds again, for the fourth time.

My husband needs my help because he is limited due to his knee surgery.

Dinner has to be made.

Laundry has to be done.

So much to do for this mom and wife. How many times am I going to complain or whine about having to take care of my family that God has blessed me with? I am blessed to have my two blessings and my wonderful husband with me each day.

 As I was in my moment of frustration and asking God "why can't they just clean up after themselves or do what I ask the first time or even the second time."  My friend and sister in Christ was facing the loss of her husband and two of her five children. 

How quickly our life can change.

I complain and whine about such silly things but how do I know that I will not have the opportunity tomorrow to pick up socks or ask my son to open his blinds?

As I wash the dishes, pick up socks, ask my son for the fourth time to open the blinds, I think of my friend. My friend who cannot help her husband or ask her two son's to open their bedroom blinds. My friend who cannot hug her husband or son's. My friend who is mourning.

I pray.

I cry.

I pray more.

I pray that she can feel the prayers being sent and the hugs that I want to embrace her with. I pray she can feel His embrace. May her other three children feel His embrace and love as they are dealing with the loss of their daddy and two brothers.

My heart aches.

The tears fall. I plead with Him. I cry out to Him asking Him to help this family.

I pray.

I weep for my friend and her family.

I cry for my selfishness and how I forget life can change within minutes.

I pray for my friend.

My sister in Christ.

Her family.

My heart aches.



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