18 January 2013

Finances Goals for 2013

I have come to realize that writing out my goals has helped me see what I need to do to achieve my goals. Hubby and I are on the road to breaking the chains of debt. We have said it year after year what we need to do, but we have never really written them down. This year we have added up our total non-mortgage debt and chose a number that we thought was a reasonable amount to pay off this year. We, of course, are praying that we can exceed our amount and that God will take charge of our finances.

Baby Step 1.
If you are familiar with Dave Ramsey you know what baby step one is.  If you are not familiar, baby step one is having $1,000 in savings for an emergency because you will have an emergency. Hubby and I have had this for a long time, but sadly we chose to spend our emergency money on non-emergencies. We are needing to build that back up. **Happy to report this goal was done within ten days of writing this goal**

$40,000 towards debt.
Many people may say that is a large number and some may say that is not.  Hubby and I have a plan on how we are going to accomplish this amount and we are praying that we can exceed this amount. In the future, I will post how we are going to do this.

Continuing tithing.
This is ongoing.....

Complete FPU.
Back in April 2011 I took FPU while hubby was deployed. After a few classes I stopped going. Not because I did not agree but because I wanted to take the class with hubby. I felt that it was better if we BOTH took the class together. Our finances includes both of us, not just me. Our goal is to complete the entire nine-week FPU class. No missing classes!

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