19 January 2013

Be Patient, Keep Praying

What a week I have had. Emotionally. This weekend I will be struggling pushing through with my homework. I slacked this week, which in turn I have homework to do this weekend. One thing I did not want to do. Nothing I can do, but do it. It will not get done any other way.

I pray you all have a great weekend and I am praying that I am back on track with our schedule come Monday. Our menu will be posted tomorrow evening and my 1,000 gifts Monday morning. I pray you will stop by and say hello.

I thought this Scripture fit perfect, not just for now, but for always....


  1. Yes, a perfect verse for anytime! Hope you can push through that homework quickly!!

    1. Thank you! Sadly, it took me all weekend but I did get it done. :)



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