21 January 2013

Menu Plan for 21 January-27January


Last week we did, overall, pretty well with the menu. We may not have stuck to the menu to a "T," but we did not eat out, except hubby and I did after his surgery. Other than that we did pretty good. This week mama is heading out of two for a night so I had to plan something easy for the time I was gone. Hubby is not quite stable on his feet so it is up to my dear daughter to cook or prepare the food this weekend.

You all should see my menu this week. So many erase marks. I do not know why I had such a hard time making this menu. Tonight I am not sure what we are doing for dinner. The kids have a dentist appointment at 3:30pm and we have Dave at 6:30pm in a town about 25 minutes away. I do not want to drive home just to turn around to drive back, but then I do not want to eat out. So today I will be figuring out what I need to do for dinner.

Monday~ crescent roll pizza
                 peanut butter and apple wraps
                 ummmm I will let you know

Tuesday~ cereal
                 noodles and oranges

Wednesday~ bagels

Thursday~ waffles
                    grilled turkey and cheese with french fries
                    spaghetti with garlic bread

Friday~ smoothies

Saturday~ cereal
                   sandwiches and yogurt
                   chicken sandwiches and macaroni and cheese

Sunday~ pancakes
                cream of mushroom pork chops with rice (crock-pot)
                your choice

What are you having this week?


  1. Smoothies are one of our favorite breakfasts...

  2. My kids love them! Smoothies are awesome for breakfast or even a snack. My daughter makes them on her own now and would make one every day if she could...lol
    I pray you are doing well :)

  3. Tonight it's leftovers! I baked the ham last night and there's still butter chicken left.



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