14 January 2013

I Have To Work Too

With the setting of my new goals for 2013 I decided that things had to change. For the first time I was allowing God to help me accomplish my goals. I do not know why I have never asked Him to help. I mean I ask Him all the time for help. I ask for help in getting the dishes the done, completing the laundry, helping the blessings with school, and to bless our food. Why not ask Him for help with my goals?

I know He will help me, but I also have my own part to do. I cannot ask Him to help me rise early in the morning and when morning comes around keep hitting my snooze button. I cannot ask Him to help me lose weight as I am eating my third piece of pie (good thing I do not have a sweet tooth!), or not getting on the treadmill. He can help me but I have to work as well.

442. Rising early before the family

443. My quiet time with Him

As we are beginning to really defeat these debts that we have incurred ourselves, it is important to not make impulse buys. No eating out when we just went grocery shopping No making a menu when your are not going to follow it.

444.  Followed the menu to the "T"

445.  No eating out

446.  No impulse shopping

447.  A stockpile that can last us for a month

Making the decision to go back to school was one that I had to really pray about. Going back to school not only affected me, but my family as well. I needed to ensure that I could handle homeschooling, my home duties, and my own schooling. I did not want to take on to much and fail in the areas that I was most needed in.

448.  My first week of school

449. Having my statistics class first

450. Having no other classes while taking my statistics class (so not a math girl)

One area that I am really working on and focusing on is my walk with Him. I want to know Him more. I have a hunger for Him that only He can fix. The only way I can get to know Him more is to draw closer to Him. To read His Words. To pray more then I already do.

451. Online Bible Study hosted by the Good Morning Girls

452. Leading an online study group

453.  Staying on schedule with my Bible reading plan

454.  Feeling His embrace when a storm approached our family

455.  The church He has placed us in

456.  Having an older sister in Christ, hug me and whisper in my ear that she is praying for me

457.  Our church family members randomly walk up to my husband and ask to lay their hands on him to pray for healing over his body

458.  Watching my daughter glide ever so gently from one end of the pool to the other during swim class

459. Watching my son flop around and make up his own games in the pool while his sister takes class

460.  My two blessings cleaning our home without being asked because they wanted to help their mama.

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