13 January 2013

Menu Plan for Jan 14-Jan 20

Last week we did really well following our menu plan. We did not eat out and pretty much ate everything on the menu. On Saturday we ate a later lunch so come dinnertime we were not hungry. I decided to make our Saturday dinner for Sunday lunch.

This week will be the same. No eating out, unless I need to stop for hubby after his surgery. Otherwise every meal will be ate at home. Our menu again this week will be somewhat simple. Hubby will be recovering from surgery on both his knees. I wanted to have a simple menu because I do not know exactly what this week will entail.

Monday~ bagels
                 sandwich & snacks (packed lunch for kids whom will be with a friend & I at hospital)
                 chicken tetrazzini

Tuesday~ snickerdoodle cake (normally make every other week as a treat, but this is for hubby)
                  leftover chicken tetrazzini
                  baked ziti with rolls

Wednesday~ eggs and toast
                       leftover baked ziti
                       crock-pot macaroni and cheese (have not made in crock-pot before)

Thursday (homeschool co-op)~ cereal
                                                      sandwiches and apples

Friday~ waffles
               leftover macaroni and cheese
               cheesy crustless quiche' (new recipe; from a neighbor on the TFN Facebook page)

Saturday~ french toast
                   your choice

Sunday~ pancakes
                pizza bagels or your choice

What will you have in your home this week?


  1. If that crock pot recipe turns out, please share it!

    1. Kendra,
      Here is the link to the crock-pot mac and cheese:

      It was okay but lacked flavored. The hubby and daughter who are big time homemade mac and cheese eater said it was ok. If I make it next time then I need to tweak it a bit. Let me know if you try it :)

  2. Is the snickerdoodle cake a breakfast item or a dessert? Either way it sounds really good!

    1. Jean,
      I suppose it could be either. I found the recipe from another blogger. It is so unhealthy and full of sugar...lol It almost tastes like a spice cake with a crusty sugar topping.



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