06 January 2013

Menu Plan for 7 January-13 January

Start of a new week and a new routine. I am trying to keep our routine as close to what we are use to but I am now in school, so I am not sure exactly how our schedule will change. The two blessings return to school as well. Along with school starting, the hubby and I begin Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University this evening. A lot of new things are starting here in our household, but I continue to lean on Him for guidance.

I have tried to keep the menu as simple as I can this week. I do not want to overwhelm myself with all the changes. I know that seems silly, but I do not want to worry about making such a large meal at lunch or dinner until I get everything under control. 

Monday~ waffles
                 sandwiches and oranges
                 creamy chicken noodle soup (new recipe)

Tuesday~ cinnamon rolls
                  leftover soup
                  apple baked pork chops and corn (new recipe)

Wednesday~ eggs and bacon
                       pizza bagels
                       french toast

Thursday~ smoothies
                    apples and peanut butter
                    turkey dogs, french fries, and peas

Friday~ toast and oranges
               double chocolaty chip Frappuccino (new recipe) (kids will love me for this)
               homemade pizza

Saturday~ snickerdoodle cake
                   chicken fettuccine alfredo

Sunday~ cereal
               sandwiches and leftovers

Here is to a new week!

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