05 January 2013

My Word for 2013

In prior years I have many people discuss their “word” for the New Year. I never really understood why people would need a “word.” I am sitting here like “I wrote down my goals and I pray I just make it through January without breaking my goals.” Why would someone need a word?
It was not until I read this post from Ann Voskamp that it dawned on me on how important a word really was.  After reading the post I sat and thought about what my word would be. Isn’t funny how quickly one can change their thoughts on particular things?  I thought for a moment on what I really wanted to work towards this year. I knew the word is not just a word. It is the desire you working towards for that year.

Then as I re-read Ann’s post I saw it. I saw my word for 2013.


I had no doubt this was my word. I had set many goals for 2013 and was leaning on Him to help me achieve my goals. When I was starting to write my goals I kept telling myself “last year you did not do this” or in prior years “you wanted to do this but didn’t.” I kept looking back and not forward. It reminds me of the last verse in Luke 9. “Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the service in the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62.  Jesus’ is referring to those who want to follow Him, but have something else to do or a reason why they cannot follow Him immediately.  If God is telling me that if I keep looking back at my past life and not looking forward, I will not be able to serve in His kingdom. My heart would not be fully and wholeheartedly serving Him because I am focused on what is behind me.

We all know that if we are walking in a mall or store and are looking at what is behind us, we know eventually we will run into someone or something. Same thing applies here. If we cannot focus on what is ahead we cannot move forward.

That is what I was doing. Not looking backwards.

This year my word is FORWARD.

I am moving forward with my walk with Him.

I am moving forward in my marriage.

I am moving forward in my relationship with my two children.

I am moving forward in my children’s school and my own school.

I am moving forward with my fitness and health.

I am moving forward with our finances.

I am moving forward with my blogging and other personal goals I have set.

No looking back at what I have not done but looking forward to what is yet to come.

Have you chosen a “word” for 2013?

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