22 January 2013

Love Story

I had seen this quote on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and really loved it. I loved it so much that I posted it to my husband's Facebook wall. So many people get so caught up in Hollywood and the love stories it portrays. Trust me I do at times. The Notebook gets me every time. I love that movie! However, God has placed me with my husband. Yes, we have had rough times. What marriage has not had its moments?

I can look back and see all the moments of arguing, tears, disagreements, love, laughter, the birth of our two children, the loss of one, deployments, moving every couple of years, and the bond we have created as a husband and wife. What better love story than our own?

Source: etsy.com via Barb on Pinterest
Yes, Hollywood and some talented authors can write beautiful love stories. It is nice watching the love stories portray on the television or in books, but it is even better when you see your love story portraying in real life.

There are times where it will be difficult. Your husband has again forgotten to take the trash to the curb, or dishes are piling up and he is watching football. Or infidelity has rocked your marriage. Or finances are causing issues between you two. The word divorce has been spoken. No matter what is going on, we need to pray. We need to ask Him to enter our marriage and show us our love story that He has blessed us with. We need to love our own story, not a friend's or even Hollywood's because that is when we forget about our own.

What better love story than our own?

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