22 January 2013

It Just Makes Life Easier

There are so many things to be grateful for. We live in a world that we can now video chat with people across the nation or even the world. Life has been made easier with technology advancing the way it has. I am so grateful for the amenities we have these days. This past weekend I was very grateful for one.

My dishwasher.

We had a weekend of laziness. We lounged all weekend. Playing board games, my two blessings and I playing twister (that was a sight to see), watched television, and baked some butterscotch brownies. Of course, the dishes piled up because I just did not feel like washing them. Not by hand at least.

I just love that I have the choice of washing by hand or being lazy and throwing them in the dishwasher. Some people do not even have the option of a dishwasher so I know we are blessed to have one. I try to limit the use of my dishwasher because it costs more to run it then to wash by hand.

It is so nice to just throw in the dirty dishes and turn the knob to "start."  The machine does my dirty work. Literally. The only part that I do not like about the dishwasher is it not putting the dishes away. Hmmm. I mean is that too much to ask?

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