23 January 2013

They Are Listening

As the hubby and I are on this road to breaking the chains of being debt-free, we believe that it is important to teach our children along the way. We are teaching the importance of saving and tithing along with how to spend wisely. We have set up some jars to help the two blessings see their progress of saving and tithing. This journey is truly a journey for all of us. Not just the hubby and I.

The two blessings are learning when you use coupons you can save even more money when you are shopping. They are learning to look at unit prices, how to read coupons, to read circulars, and sometimes it is cheaper to shop at a convenience store for certain items (if there is a sale).

We are praying that as the blessings grow up and eventually shop without us parents, they have the seeds planted on making wise money choices. We pray that they do not enter the world of debt and learn how to avoid it. We pray that they pray for all things and that His timing is perfect, not ours. We pray that they are content with what they have and not worry about what they do not have.

Every week the hubby and I head to our date with Dave.  My daughter is old enough to watch her brother but due to the distance from class to home we do not feel comfortable leaving them home. We have no one close to stay with them, while we are gone. We made the decision to take them with us. At first, we believed that they would be bored and no other children were attending the class. However, I am so glad we decided to take them with us. Even though they may sit there playing with some of the items they bring, they truly are hearing what Dave says.

My daughter told me that she cannot wait to hear about this debt snowball. My son thinks Dave is funny. No they are not "watching" Dave but they surely are listening and I am praying seeds are being planted. I pray that they are learning how to be good stewards of their money.

My daughter watching Dave. Son, well he was listening ;)

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