18 June 2012

Menu Monday, June 18-22

We had a great weekend. We celebrated Father's Day on Saturday because the hubby was to work on Sunday. We spent most of Saturday fishing with the hubs.  On Sunday, the hubs went to work and the blessings and I went to church. As I was walking into church the hubby sent me a message to tell me he was home.  It was nice that he was released early from work but sadly he was sick and not feeling well. Hubs spent most of Father's Day in bed. Thankfully today he is feeling much better. 

The blessings and I will may head out of town this weekend. My niece is turning eight and we will be heading home to help her celebrate. Unfortunately, hubby cannot go because of work.

I started something new with my menu plans. I have started to incorporate a meatless dinner. Last week for our meatless dinner we had french toast, yep breakner (breakfast for dinner). This week we will be having fried rice.

Monday~ cinnamon rolls
                 sandwiches and yogurt

Tuesday~ chocolate chip waffles
                  quesadillas and hot dogs (son does not like quesadillas)
                  cheesy chicken alfredo

Wednesday~ smoothies
                       hamburgers and hot dogs on grill, with pasta

Thursday~ pancakes
                    sandwiches and fruit
                    fried rice

Friday~ cereal
               tater tot casserole

If we do not go out of town then I will add Saturday and Sunday meals to our menu.

Head over to Org Junkie for more menu ideas.

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