15 June 2012

Summer Reading Program

Now that summer is here many libraries have started their summer reading programs.  The programs are a great way to get children to read during the summer months.  Most libraries may off some type of prize or incentive to get the children to read.  Yesterday the blessings and I went to our local library and signed up for the reading program. I not only signed the blessings up but myself as well. I love our library's reading program. The children's reading program consists of each child completing seven out of 10 activities per week.  Four of those activities have to be reading for 20 minutes.  The other activities are another day of reading, find and check out a fact book, attend a free library program, play a special game at the library, write a poem, and play a word game at home.

Once the children complete the reading log, they are then to take the log to the library to spin a wheel and receive a prize. Oh but wait! A local restaurant has teamed up with the local library to encourage children to read. Once a child completes a book, they are to write down the title of the book. After five books have been read, the child receives a free single scoop of custard. After ten books have been read then the child receives a free kids meal that also includes free ice cream!

The adult reading program consists of reading a total of 250 pages and then turning in your reading log to be entered to win some prizes. Sign me up! I do not know what the prizes are but I love to read and I know I can turn in at least three to four reading logs per month.

The best part of the summer reading program is how frugal it is to participate. There are no fees to sign up. Kids receive a FREE prize, FREE ice cream, and a FREE kids meal. Adults can win prizes as well. Also, the library offers many educational activities throughout the summer that children and their families can attend. For example, next Tuesday the blessings and I are attending Remnants of the Rainforest. A gentleman will be teaching us about the different animals of the rain forest and the conservation of the rain forest. I am excited about this because we just learned about the Amazon Rainforest a couple of months ago. You know what the best part is? Yep, you guessed it, its FREE!

If you are looking for a frugal activity this summer then I would suggest looking into your summer reading program at your local library. What could it hurt? I mean you get to read free books (as long as you turn in your books on time and avoid late-fees) and possibly free food!

Do you participate in your local library's reading program? If so, what does your library offer for incentives?

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  1. My girls are actually involved in the summer reading programs at two libraries. One is the library that's closest to where we live; the other is near the homeschool co-op and piano teacher's home. That means there's lots of reading going on around here! ;)



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