19 June 2012

Failed Inventions

The other day my son asked me if we could make a radio that we had in our invention kit that we have for school. I agreed. I thought it would be a great time to spend with the blessings. As we look through the items we needed for the radio, we notice that we do not have some of the items needed. So instead we decided to make a generator.

We gather the items and begin creating our generator.

Lil Man helping me connect the wires
After we get all the wires connected, it was time to wrap the string around the thingy mabob.

Wrapping the string around the thingy mabob
Now it is time to test the generator.

Hmmmm that didn't work right
The light bulb did not light up like it was suppose to. Let's try that again.

Ok round two...hmmmm again it doesn't work
After a few more rounds it did not work. The generator was defected. I know it wasn't the users. Instead let's eat banana bread.

I am so grateful for failed inventions. The laughter we had and memories created were a blessing from God.

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