20 June 2012

Prayers For Those Affected By The Floods

Today is Wednesday and I was thinking of something that Works for Me Wednesday and nothing is coming to mind but prayers. Prayers for my husband and prayers for my hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, and its sister city of Superior, Wisconsin.

My husband is still trying to find out what is wrong with his arm. His elbow causes him great pain that he cannot open doors or even lift a stapler without pain. Thankfully the doctors have found the cause for his other pain throughout his body, but they cannot figure out his elbow. So I am praying for him, constantly.

My hometown of Duluth is based on Lake Superior. Duluth is a large city consisting of about 80,000 to 85,000 people. The city has many large hills throughout. Think of the hills of San Francisco, California. Well, Duluth has some great damage caused by rain. The entire city is covered by water. The Duluth Zoo has had some farm animals die due to the flood and the seal was found alive outside the zoo. Our canal that is gateway to the shipping of the iron ore and other items is completely unnoticeable. Our mall area is covered in water. Restaurants have water half way up their front doors. Roads are now rivers. Cars are stranded. People's homes are now flooded and many things lost. Duluth is expected to receive three more inches of rain today.

Here are a couple of pics of my hometown in many different areas of the city:

This is the road in front of my cousin's house

The seal from the zoo

The main road leading from my sister's house to Superior, Wisconsin, which is sister city to Duluth, MN.

Canal Park. There is a paved walkway leading to the lighthouse on the left. Completely washed out by the lake.

Explains itself
Notice the restaurant in the background. The white building on the left is the back of Target. There is normally a four lane road in between those two buildings

This is leading into my brother's neighborhood

Click here for more details on the flood and the areas affected.

Pray works for me today. Prayers that those affected by the rain and flood. Will you please pray?

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