10 December 2011

Who Would Have Thought

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Who would have thought that time management really works?

I am here to tell you that it does! I only know this from the last few days, but I am loving it.  Since arriving home from "civilization" I have re-organized my time.  Before we left for "civilization" I was focused on prepackage meals, lounging around, and trying to finish up my schooling.  Of course we were putting the kids schooling in there and the hubby's doctors appointments.  However, my focus was not where it should have been.  My family and my home.

I began making my menus, cooking yummy meals, and baking more healthy snacks.  I have started making my lists of "to do's" again, and  making my family my priority, besides Him of course.  I have to laugh because this is how I was a year ago, and now I feel like I have never been like this.  It truly shows that my priorities were messed up.

Since changing my priorities and using my time wisely, my heart is following.  Some mornings I would wake up and feel "here we go again, another day of doing nothing."  I began to sink into a funk.  My heart followed.  My focus was on me, me, and me, even though I did not realize it.   I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Who would have thought that changing your priorities, praying for guidance, and focusing on others would make such a huge change! Yes, it is one of those "HELLLLLOOOO" moments, but apparently it was not getting through to me.  God has truly taken me by His hand and has shown me the areas that I needed to fix.  I am obviously a work in progress, but am thankful that He was there with me helping me along the way. 

Hmmmmm now what should I bake next.....

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  1. This is a great post, I think I need to readjust my priorities and pray for guidance. I definitely needed to read a post like this.



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