12 December 2011

I Love The Blessings

He continues to show me the blessings that surround me.   
201.  Sunday afternoon naps.

202.  Our trip to Anchorage.

203.  God protecting us in an accident that could of been horrible.

204.  Snow falling among the Alaskan landscape.

205.  My husband having more good days than bad.

206.  Menu planning

207.  Hubby home to decorate the CHRISTmas tree.

208.  God's timing; it is always perfect.

209.  The ten pounds I have lost.

210.  Sitting at a restaurant and the family and I just laughing and enjoying our moment together.

211.  Seeing friends who we have not seen for a few months.

212.  Hearing my kids tell their dad why we say "Merry CHRISTmas" and not Happy Holidays.

213.  Hearing my husband that he loves me.

214.  Eating dinner together as a family.

215.  Fresh baked cookies.

216.  Cooking and baking with my two little blessings.

217.  A couple from our church whom has taken us under their wing, and has shown us love like Christ.

218.  Hearing my kids say how much they love homeschool.

219.  A friend who watched our two dogs while we were in Anchorage.  So grateful we are.

220.  The blessing of a new nephew.

221.  Graduating school.

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