20 May 2011

Goodbye Facebook

I could hear Him telling me "No, come to Me."

"I love you"  

"I want you to love Me." 

For a full year I could feel Him tugging at my heart to let it go.  For a full year I would kick, whine, complain, and dig my heels in the dirt not wanting to let go.  I was like a child not wanting to leave a park to go home.  I wanted to keep my beloved Facebook.

Each time I heard this I would just continue logging in and checking status' of my friends.  Never wanting to let go of my addiction to Facebook.  Of course, I did not realize that Facebook could become an addiction, until He showed me.  Each morning the first thing I would do is roll over, grab my phone, and check Facebook.  I never said good morning to Him, or thank Him for the day.  I would wait until I checked my Facebook, email, and any other messages that I may have missed. 

I would attend bible study and would always say that Facebook would get in my way when it came to my walk with God.  After bible study this past Wednesday, I decided that I would take all social media apps off my phone.  I can honestly tell you that every couple of minutes I was picking up my phone to check Facebook.  I was astonished of my actions.  I could not believe how often I was wanting to check Facebook.  It became a habit and eventually an addiction that I did not know I had. 

I decided enough was enough.

I went to my home computer, logged into Facebook, and sent a request to download my Facebook account.  I then went to my room and prayed to God. I had to repent for my sin that I had committed, my sin of having another god before Him.  I made Facebook a deity.

The first thing I did the next morning was grab my phone, but then realized that I was done.  Instead I grabbed my Bible that sat on my nightstand next to my phone.  I began to read.  I cannot tell you the last time I picked up my Bible because usually I would use my bible app on my phone.  The feeling I had turning the pages and reading His words was exactly what I needed.  After my reading I checked my email.  I had received an email from Facebook notifying me that my file from Facebook was ready to download.  My heart was racing.  Was I really ready to give up my beloved Facebook? My connection to the real world?

I went to my home computer and downloaded my large Facebook file. The pictures, videos, and my wall posts started streaming to my computer, and I saw a piece of me slowly disappear.  It was not for a couple of hours later that I finally deactivated my Facebook page.  For a split second I could not believe that I just deleted my personal Facebook page.  However, God was right there whispering to me "Thank you my faithful servant." Peace washed over me.

As I went about my day I came to realize how often I would use Facebook to feed my boredom, or to take away from my family and God.  Sitting at a red light I would look at Facebook instead of talking with my blessings.  Sitting with friends I would check Facebook instead of indulging in our conversation.  At dinner I would check Facebook instead of enjoying the meal I was blessed with.  I would check Facebook constantly, and for what?  Facebook did not give me my Salvation.  Facebook does not heal me when I am sick.  Facebook does not allow me to sit at His feet.  Facebook had me IN the world instead of being OF the world.

It has been 24 hours since I deleted my page and I can honestly say that I am at peace and so blessed that I finally picked up my feet and obeyed.  My feelings and heart have changed drastically within the last 24 hours.  Facebook allowed me to read drama, see things that would cause me anger, anxiety, and allowed me to want things rather than Him.  I tried keeping my Facebook and just not having the app on my phone but I found myself at the computer more.  On Wednesday I did not sit at my home computer one time.  Thursday morning I found myself at the computer three times.  Three times just in the morning.  He showed me that even if I take it off my phone, it is still there. 

I want the desires of my heart to be for Him, not Facebook.

"Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."
Romans 8:5


  1. Wow! I'm amazed how you wrote those words and they "spoke" to me. I have been putting Blogger before my family and it blew up in my face a week or so ago. I know I have to manage my time better and am working on that. I don't have my IRL friends on FB it's only used for connecting with one cousin and blogs. I need to slow my roll on that as well. Thank you for this.

  2. That is very wise! I have not (and will not) let myself step foot on facebook, because I fear the same thing would happen. I had to take a blog break a few months back for the exact same reason.

  3. I fasted from Facebook a couple of times b/c I felt the same way about the social networking site. It wasn't until after the 2nd time that I felt more at peace & control of my sentiments & time on Facebook. Now, I am quite bored with it & only go on to check with loved ones that I really care about. God bless you on your time off from Facebook! Be encouraged b/c it will definitely be fruitful!!

  4. WOW!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! I have been dealing with the same convictions but unlike you I have not followed heart I followed my lust for drama, jealousy and frustration that I get from facebook. Thank you for giving me an example that I need right now!!



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