07 March 2011

Time Stand Still

Hubby has arrived home from a month long training that occurred in the lower 48.  Now is when I wish time would stand still.  Hubby will be leaving very soon and we are spending every minute together as a family.  Time will soon approach where the two blessings and I will watch our hero walk out the door and will not return for a year. 

A year of no hugs and no kisses.

A year of no encouraging words when I am having a bad day.

A year of not washing his uniforms or his clothes.

A year of not seeing him walk through our front door.

A year of not feeling his touch.

 Instead it will be a year of emails, Facebook, and instant messenger.

A year of  checking the mailbox and hoping to see a piece of paper with his handwriting on it.

A year of waiting by the phone just to hear his voice.

A year of kissing the computer screen when on Skype but longing for the real thing.

A year of constant prayer for his safety.



  1. I wanted to share a deployment "tool" we used when we were stationed with the Cav before. I worked the deployment briefings on behalf of a non-profit organization. I wish I still had the tools to send you. But, we did a Build-a-Bear type thing. The soldiers would stuff a bear, then record a message on a voice box that was placed inside the bear. They then left the bear back home with their loved ones. My hubby made one for each of our children for his month long TDYs. My brother in law (a marine) made one for my sister when he was deployed. My neighbor's son made one for her. Momma's need hugs too! when the family member is sad and just needs to hear their loved one's voice or have a hug, they have the bear to listen to and hug.

    I don't know if there is a Build-A-Bear near you, but there are other companies that have similar products. I have even seen them in Kohls and Wal-Mart sometimes. You may even be able to find it online.

    You can do something similar on the Build a Bear Web site. It is sorta expensive with them, but in my experience, well worth it! I think you can get a bear for around 10, and then the sound thing is an extra $8.

  2. Prayers Prayers and Other Prayers for the safety of your soldier and for you to have strength throughtout this deployment! It will not be easy but any woman married to a soldier is a strong woman!!! God Bless your husband for his service and you and your family for standing behind him!

  3. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. I am truly blessed to have you all as my readers. Thank you!
    @Queen of Brussels Sprouts~I love that idea! We are actually in a place right now that has a Build-A-Bear and stopping there today. Thank you!



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