08 March 2011

Endless Choices

We are stationed in a city that has a Wal-mart and two Fred Meyer's.  We have two Pizza Huts, two McDonald's, one Wendy's, two Taco Bell's,one Denny's, one Carl's Jr, a handful of Subways, and mom-n-pop resturants.  On a clear day we can see Mt. McKinley that is located about an hour and half away.  The pipeline runs through the city, and the beauty surrounding Fairbanks is just beautiful.  I hear many people complain about Fairbanks and all that it lacks.  There are days that I miss my options of shopping or resturant choices.  As a  military spouse I have learned to accept the challenge and look for the positives. 

I love Fairbanks especially after living in Baltimore, Maryland for three years.  The city is very laid back and it takes about seven minutes to get from one end of town to the other.  March 28th will be our year and a half mark of living here in Fairbanks and in about eight months (the earliest) we should find out our new assignment.

So what is this post about? Fairbanks, Alaska?  No.  Well, kind of.

Last week the family and I traveled south to the big city of Anchorage.  The hubster is on leave and we have yet to make it to Anchorage, so we thought we would take a week or so to travel.  As we entered into Wasilla we saw all of the choices they had to offer, we were like little kids in a candy store who could pick out any candy they wanted.  Then we entered into Anchorage.  We were able to walk in a real mall, eat at Arby's, visit an indoor water park, Chuck E. Cheese, travel to Seward, eat at Red Robin and IHOP.  It seemed like the choices were endless.  Of course after checking into our hotel our first stop was to here:
The two blessings have been saving their money for this trip and were eager to spend their savings.  My daughter of course was ready to clothes shop and my son could not wait to hit this store:
We had such a great time and truly were blessed with our time of togetherness.  I did realize on our trip that Anchorage had many choices to choose from and we had so much appreciation for those choices.  When we lived in Maryland we took our choices for granted.  So when we traveled to Anchorage we felt blessed for the choices.  


  1. My friend Megan and her ex husband were there for a few years. She loved it and said it was a really cool place to live.

  2. We were the same way when we visited the states after living in Japan. And I have family in Wasilla so I remember how excited they were when Target came to town.

  3. It sounds like your trip to Anchorage was a blessing.

    I live in the middle of no-where now. We have 1 grocery store, 1 Dollar General, 1 tiny drug store, and 1 Family Dollar. The out-to-eat is limited to Sonic and three mom and pop places that are not very good. Oh yeah, and the gas station sells pizza.

    Faibanks is going to seem like a big city to us. Hubby's report-no-later-than date is mid July.

  4. @Queen of Brussels Sprouts~ I cannot find your email on your blog. I would love to connect with you when you arrive. You are coming at the most beautiful time of the year here in Fairbanks! Safe travels.

  5. It took us awhile to get used to living in Germany- without all the conveniences I was used to! I miss Target- Walmart- American places to eat... but I also love the laid back lifestyle here- which is WAS different than living in the states!



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