31 January 2011

Food Update

Last week I spoke about the documentary called Food Inc.  I decided it was time to change our diets and if you missed that post, you can find it here.  A couple of days after the show I went to Fred Meyer's, and purchased a couple of items.  I was going to slowly add more items so the family is not overwhelmed with the changes.  I bought some organic yogurt, almond butter, macaroni and cheese, and Pirate's Booty (a favorite of my daughter's and I, plus it was on sale).  My children loved the yogurt, but the almond butter my daughter was not to fond of.  My son on the other hand, had no clue and just mentioned that he thought the bread tasted funny.  

Today the family and I went back to Fred's to make a larger purchase.  Today, I bought more yogurt, milk, salsa (my downfall), more Pirate's Booty, frozen strawberries, another box of macaroni and cheese, green pepper, carrots, and Horizon's milk on the go.  Then we went to the Commissary to do our regular shopping trip.  When we were there I was able to pick up a six-pack of organic eggs (on sale), string cheese, a box of cereal and two yogurts (on sale).  I did notice, while shopping that I was more cautious on reading the labels and explaining to my daughter the difference between organic and all-natural. 

I am pretty happy with my purchases for this week and how my family is accepting the new changes.  My friend Brandi over at Real Relevant and Relational, found an organic farm that delivers organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs to Alaska to our front door! She has placed an order which should arrive in the next week.  I am excited to hear about the review because I will be placing an order if it works at well.  If so, you can plan on a post!  Also, I have received many comments from the Blizzard Blog Hop who have made changes to their diets, so I am excited to stop by their blogs and find out how they are doing.

Here is a breakdown of what I bought today and the total price:

1 box of cereal
6-pack of eggs
2 tubs of individual yogurt
1 pack of string cheese
8  milks on the go
1 box of macaroni and cheese
2 boxes of yogurt tubes
1 jar of salsa
1 bag of strawberries
2 bags of Pirate's Booty
1 gallon of milk
1 green pepper
1 bag of baby carrots

Total Price: $51.25


  1. Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I found your blog via the Military Monday Bloghop from Marine Parents (even though I'm a day late!). I saw Food Inc. over the summer, and it's also encouraged me to rethink my eating and spending habits. It's nice to "meet" you!

  2. Have you heard of Azure Standard? They sell organic/natural foods...sometimes it ends up being cheaper than Freds. There are several co-ops in town. You order once a month and then pick it up. We love ordering from them!

  3. Hey there. I am following you from military blog hop monday! I hope you'll follow me back.




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