26 January 2011

Food Inc.

I have heard of this documentary called Food Inc.  I knew if I watched it my view on food would change.  I was the child that grew up on processed food and kool-aid.  When I had my children I tried to feed them healthier foods, but what I did not know was what I was feeding them.  After I moved to Maryland I met my bestest friend in the whole world, you can see her blog here.  Angela taught me many things about organic food and all-natural cleaners.  I like to call her my hippie friend ;)  Anyways, Angela opened my eyes to many things such as the hormones in dairy products and chemicals in cleaning supplies.  Slowly over time I started to replace items that we were using for more all-natural cleaners and more organic foods.

Moving to Alaska had really taken a toll on our new lifestyle that I was creating in Maryland.  The prices were much higher than Maryland and I started to feel defeated.  Over a year later I realized I have gained 25 pounds since arriving to Alaska, and my energy had decreased dramatically.  I knew exactly what caused this weight gain and energy loss.  It was not the lack of sunlight or the freezing cold weather but the food I was eating and the lack of exercise.  I was feeding my body soda, processed food, and depriving it of water.  So this past week I said enough was enough.  I went to the library and picked up the book by Michael Pollan called "In Defense Of Food."  I needed to educate myself on how to feed my family properly and learn how to read labels.

I talked to a dear friend of mine who recommended two movies to watch.  One was called "The Beautiful Truth" and "Food Inc."  Later in the evening I put the two blessings to bed and turned on the movies.  I could not believe what I was learning and what I was doing to my family's bodies.  I would highly recommend these two documentaries to anyone who wants to know about what you are eating.  

Food, Inc.

Today, I have cleaned out some of the junk we had in the cabinets and come payday I will be shopping at Fred Meyers for our food, or at least a majority of our food.  To some this may not matter but to me it is important.  I know many people who say "I have eaten these types of food my entire life and nothing is wrong with me."  I do not argue with that because I was one of those people, but I do not  know how I look internally.  I do know that when I was eating the processed food and soda I felt horrible and lacked energy.

Honestly, I never really fed my body properly and today that changes.


  1. Following you from www.lunasavings.com.
    Amazing movie- isn't it? When I was a teacher I showed this to my students. They need to be taught at a young age. It is hard to always buy organic on our budget, but for my little one I try my best - even frozen organic veggies are good :)

  2. @Luna Savings~
    Thank you for following! It is a very interesting movie. I have heard a lot about it but was nervous about it at the same time. I am glad I finally did watch because what an eye-opener. Buying organic and all-natural living products can be hard on a budget but like you said "but for my little one I try my best - even frozen organic veggies are good"
    I couldn't agree more :)
    Thank you again!

  3. Ahhhh Barbarina,
    I am so glad that you are coming around... to eating organic and all ;)
    And so glad to be featured on your blog!
    Love you more!!!!
    ps the power is back on!

  4. When I watched the movie Food Inc. our shopping / habits changed as well. I can't go into any more detail than that because of the food libel laws, but I recommend that every person watch that movie for their own education and peace of mind.

    Danelle Ice / Home Ever After

  5. I started the healthy food band wagon almost 3 years ago now. It is amazing how much we have changed. We aren't perfect, but better. Actually, I just fessed up about my silly dinner last night, but usually, we eat very well. My children have such changed palates, that they have now become food snobs. A few months ago, in an act of extreme exhaustion, we ate at McDonalds. Or I should say, tried to eat...I ended up throwing away money. The kids didn't even want to eat the food. So, we tossed it and went home to eat anyway!

    Stop by for a visit if you want some family friendly "healthier" foods. That has become my passion.

  6. Good for you! That movie is such an eye opener! Your budget will get used to the changes. We've been doing it for a couple of years now and it's just become what we do. Once you start buying ingredients instead of packages you will feel so much better. Now I spend money on healthy good food instead of having to buy a medicine for this or that. We've really seen a difference in our health, so it is totally worth it!!



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