24 January 2011

Multitude Monday 71-81

So many blessings to be thankful for:

71.  Thankful the tummy bug my son caught was a short one.

72.  No one else caught the bug.

73.  I was home when my son caught the bug.  The hubby and I were suppose to leave the next day for an overnight getaway.

74.  Meeting Debbie over at The Architect and The Artist.  I wish we could of talked but it was very busy and I could only introduce myself.  I just love her blog.

75.  Hearing my son say he wants his mom because we all know he is a daddy's boy.

76.  Conversations with new friends.  New friends that will become friends for life.

77.  Warmer weather in Alaska.

78.  Taxes are done.

79.  Fellowship with friends.

80.  Telling my sister we will be home for the wedding.

81.  Hearing the excitement in my sisters voice that we will be home for her wedding. 


  1. Those are all great things! Here from the blog hop!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I have been sick this week and haven't had much of a chance to read other blogs so just getting here tonight. It was great to meet you. Thanks for the encouraging words!



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