04 December 2010

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

For this week of Sings My Soul Saturday I chose a song that has a great meaning to my husband.  Our daughter will be turning ten years old on Monday and like most parents the time has flown by for us.  When this song plays I always catch my husband looking at our daughter and I can tell in his eyes (which usually have a glint of wetness) what he is thinking, "My baby girl."
I believe this song truly expresses the feelings that most parents feel when thinking about their children.  Also, it shows the importance of a personal relationship with a father and not just our earthly fathers but our Heavenly Father.    


  1. How sweet! I can see why your husband gets all misty-eyed when he hears this song.
    Love your site, The Forever Neighbor, and will be back.

  2. I love this song! I have been blessed with a husband that affirms our daughter every day through hugs, kisses and words.

    WE were at a marriage conference a few weeks ago and the speaker talked about how he makes a point, every day, of telling his daughter that he thinks she is beautiful, that way when the world tries to tear her down and push her into a worldly competition for beauty, she will hear daddy's voice telling her she is beautiful.

    I loved that.

    I have learned that we women grow up seeing God the way we see our earthly dad. How awesome to have such a true view of God. He really does seek to tell us every day that we are beautiful.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. Never heard this song before but I love it! Can understand why your husband gets a little misty.

    Hope you are having a blessed weekend!



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