06 December 2010

Precious Tiny Blessing

I could not believe this was happening.

I kept telling myself I was to young and not ready for this adventure called motherhood.

I was terrified. 

This tiny precious life was depending on me and relying on me to provide for her. 

My husband was so excited and a proud daddy.

I was a terrified, young mother, holding her daughter for the first time.  It was then at that moment I told myself that I may be young and terrified but I knew I could love this precious tiny blessing with all my heart.  I grew up that day, ten years ago, welcoming our first child into the world. 

As each passing day goes by, I look at my tiny precious blessing and think of the many lessons she has taught me.  My tiny precious blessing.  My little girl, is truly a blessing sent from God. 

This song by Martina McBride is a favorite of not only myself but of Kaitlyn.  You could say it is our song.  So today as my daughter celebrates her 10th birthday, I will celebrate the precious life that God has sent me.  Thank you Lord Jesus for entrusting me with this precious blessing. 

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn, I love you Swiss!


  1. Happy Birthday to her,I hope it is a special one.

    It's amazing how fast they grow up and fast they make us grow up.

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    Don't think anyone of us were really ready even though I wanted ours forever and tried for 3 years I was still so very scared! They are truly God's blessings!!
    I hope she has a very good day!!

    I love this song too!!



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