01 October 2010

Pictures of Our Journey....

A couple of days ago we celebrated our one year mark of being in Alaska and I also mentioned how much I loved our drive from Maryland to Alaska.  Today I thought I would share a few pictures of our trip; there was so many to choose from but these memories really stick out:

There is a road in Indiana that my kids call "roller coaster" road.  So they thought throwing their hands up would be more thrilling. (I apologize for the blurriness but photographer was being bounced around on "roller coaster" road; she was not harmed during picture taking).

My son just received his first guitar from his Papa Cowboy. That is what my son calls my FIL because my son thinks his Papa is a real true cowboy.

We were able to visit the Creation Museum in Kentucky and we LOVED it.  My kids out of the blue still talk about the museum and always ask when we can go back.  I highly recommend visiting the museum if you have a chance.

Early morning in Montana and our last day being in the Continental United States aka the lower 48.

Welcome Center in Canada and the sun was very bright.

These rock formations were outside the welcome center

Entering the Alaskan Highway.  I believed we reached the highway after spending one night in Canada.

Notice there is no guardrail on the semi's side of the road and the road is literally right there on the waters edge.  Honestly, it was not as scary but I could see how it could be in the winter!

My son sporting his new winter hat and watching a movie

My daughter pretending to talk to Grandma; yes she was bored.

Entering our new home for the next three years!

We have so many memories and pictures to go along with it such as Mount Rushmore (sorry on other computer), the buffalo, caribou, hotels we stayed in, welcome centers, mountains, the rivers, the views, and being able to witness God's beauty along the way.

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  1. What a neat adventure! I would love to take the boys on a road trip across the U.S.!



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