28 September 2010

One year ago....

One year ago today is when we first arrived in Alaska.  After a three week travel starting in Maryland then to Indiana to Minnesota to Mount Rushmore to Canada and many more stops along the way we finally reached our destination.  When we first left Maryland I had no idea what God had planned for us but I was praying for traveling mercies and His hand of protection upon us.  That three week trip was the most memorable trip I had ever experienced. 

At the beginning of our trip we stopped along the way to spend some much needed time with our families.  While in Indiana my husband was able to spend the last birthday his brother would ever celebrate on this Earth.  While it was a sad day leaving Indiana it was a day not forgotten.   

Our next stop was Minnesota to spend time with my family.  My children had a great time with their cousins and a lot of "catching up" was done between them and the rest of the family.  After spending a week and a half there it was time to pack up the truck and head out to our new life that God had planned for us.  It was really hard on my two blessings to leave family, as I am sure it was for the family, but they understood why.

After 24 hours leaving Minnesota and a week and a half after leaving Indiana my husband received a call that his brother went to be home with the Lord.  That was a sad day.  My husband did say that he was very thankful for the time he did spend with his brother while we were in Indiana.

When we left Minnesota we considered ourselves on a family vacation.  We were not in a hurry to get to Alaska so the hubby and I decided that we would soak up every minute together that we could.  We stopped at Mount Rushmore for a day and a half and allowed my daughter to see something that she has long to see. 

I think my favorite part of the entire trip was driving through Canada.  We had no cell phone coverage, no computers, and no distractions.  It was just the four of us and the dog and cat.  We had so many laughs together, and created many memories. 

I cannot believe it was one year ago today that we arrived in our new home state.  The time truly has gone fast, we have met many new friends, attend a wonderful church and more memories were created. I look back and think that I had no worries; I knew God wanted us here and He was going to bring us.  Because I know He has a plan for me (Jer 29:11). 

Tomorrow I will share some pictures of us along the way! 

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