06 October 2010

Emotions Are Everywhere

Our family is facing a huge challenge in the future and that is the hubby leaving for a year to defend our country.  Our emotions are all over the place and we are trying to treasure every moment together as a family.  I think the person that is having the hardest time dealing with this deployment is my six year old son.  My son is the biggest daddy's boy that I ever met.  My husband is truly my son's hero.  My son wants to join the Army when he is 17 and come in as my husband's rank.  My son likes to keep his hair very short like dads (my hubby's shaves his head bald and I will not allow my son so he keeps it short); he loves football, and is my husband's shadow when my husband is home.  My son has always been a daddy's boy since the day he has been born; I never had a chance.  Since we told our son that daddy will be having to leave he has had days of crying or just coming out of nowhere telling my hubby "daddy when you deploy, you will be in my heart and I will be in yours."  Yes, that day all four of us were in tears. 

Some people have many different beliefs into when you should tell your child that their parent is leaving and that is perfectly fine.  We as parents know our children and we know when it is good to let our children know.  We decided to tell our daughter a few months back because she is older and she is more alert to catch on to what people are talking about.  Our son on the other hand is more into playing and has a tendency to worry more about his toys then adult conversations.  Overtime our son has asked if daddy has to go to war (our son's words), and we felt it was time to tell him the truth.  Please know that I am speaking what is best for our family.  Many may not agree with it but this is what works for us. 

My husband and I have sat down and discussed some things that we will do to help prepare our children for this deployment. Tomorrow I will post some things that we have come up with and also some ideas that I have come across that may help others.  These options can help any child that is dealing with their parent who needs to leave for a small amount of time or a large amount of time. 

So please make sure to stop by tomorrow and you are more than welcome to leave comments for any ideas that you may have that I have not mentioned. 

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  1. Hello! I just came across your blog through a link on a twitter list. I too, am a military wife in Alaska. We just got here in August.

    It is very difficult being strong when your husband goes away on deployments. We get used to it, but never like it. What is even more difficult, is when you have a child that bring sup the idea of following in Dad's footsteps. Talk about ripping your heart out...and expecially when that child is only about 2 or 3 years away from being of age to do so. Every family's views are different...but we really don't want our children in the military. This world has changed too much. But those are our thoughts.



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