05 September 2010

Week 10 Check In

I just have to start off that I am on such a Spiritual high right now that I cannot even explain it.  Remember last week when I did my Bible in 90 Days reading check in that I said I was confused but I prayed God will help me understand?  That was on Monday last week, well three days later God showed me that He heard me and He will provide.  Just recently the hubby and I decided that maybe it was time to find a new church to attend.  After much prayer we finally found our home church and this church sends out their newsletter on Thursdays.  When I opened up the email I about fell out of my chair.  The church was starting their new fall curriculum and they will be covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and will cover how it all forms together.  Was I not just praying for understanding?  Was I not just saying "prayers go up; blessings pour down?"  A great friend of mine always tells me that "His timing is perfect."  He always provides and this is just another confirmation that He has shown me.

As of right now I have just completed reading the book of Joel and have read 71.1 percent of the Bible.  By the end of the week I will have read 75 percent of the Bible!  I am so overwhelmed with emotions because this reading has been a huge accomplishment for me.  I have always wanted to read the entire Bible and I am so close to accomplishing this goal of mine. 

God is showing me so many things and I am so humbled by all of His works.

For more Bible in 90 Days reading jump on over to Moms Toolbox.


  1. Great!! It is amazing, isn't it? You must be a couple days ahead... :-)

  2. It's awesome isn't it?! Congratulations on making it this far! I can't believe we have less than a month to go! And yes, His timing is truly perfect! Our church is beginning a "Journey Through the New Testament" and the starting date exactly coincides with when I'll be reading Matthew for this challenge! I'm really excited about it.

  3. It is a very emotional study. I am not stopping at 90 days. This study has changed me too much to stop! Have a great week!

  4. Great job! God does move in mysterious ways. It's fun when that happens. It lets you know that he is good all the time!



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