09 September 2010

Going the Wrong Way

A few nights ago a friend and I were sitting at the park by our homes and all of sudden out of nowhere there were so many geese flying in "V" formations.  I could not believe how many geese we saw in just that hour or so we were sitting there.  I kept saying "oh my gosh" "they are flying the wrong way!!"  Then my friend's daughter B was so excited because she knew that when the geese fly south that meant snow was coming soon.  I told B to yell at the geese to fly back north and she looked at me like I was crazy and yelled to the geese to keep flying south.  Unfortunately I lost in the battle of yelling at the geese because today when I was out driving I noticed that things are not as green as they have been. 

This means one thing; snow will be here soon.  However, one thing I do look forward to during the winter is my snow capped mountains.  During the summer we are unable to see them but during the winter they are very visible.  I LOVE snow capped mountains!  My daughter took this beautiful breath taking picture of snow capped mountains when we were flying back to Alaska from our emergency leave.  May I remind you that this picture was taken in mid-July.  Ahhhh God's beauty.

Have the leaves started to change where you live?  Are you looking forward to winter?

1 comment:

  1. OMGosh! Just last night when we were driving back from that meeting I noticed the trees! I don't know where my head was when we were driving to the meeting :) but I JUST noticed the change :)



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