05 August 2010

Cash for Large Items

This past Spring I had order some homeschool curriculum for this coming year and I have been waiting for the items to arrive.  I was so excited yesterday when my daughter walked in with two boxes from the mailbox.  One item that I ordered was board game that teaches about budgets, and also how to count money.  While looking at the board game, I came across some more suggested ideas to use with your child I was a little taken back by one of their suggestions.  Under the transportation section it basically said that children need to learn that they need to make small payments for large purchases. 

Speaking from experience I do not want my children having that thinking mentality.  I want them to learn that you can save money to purchase a large item for cash with no payments.  After hearing Toni over at The Happy Housewife purchasing a 15 passenger van for cash or Crystal over Money Saving Mom paying 100 percent cash on her house it shows that it can be done. 

I will be teaching my kids that saving is smart and debt not so smart.  Of course I will be adding some Bible scriptures in there to show them what God thinks about debt. 

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