12 July 2010

Week 1 Complete

Week one of reading the Bible in 90 days is complete.  I am happy to report that I had completed each of my readings every day.  There were a few days where I thought I would fall behind but I sat down and focused on my reading.

In all of my other Bible readings I could never get past Exodus until now.  I am now half way through Leviticus and have read 8.9 percent of the Bible.  I have a wonderful app on my phone called YouVersion. I am able to do my reading wherever I maybe.  For example, I took my daughter and a friend to the lake today and while they burying themselves in sand I was burying myself in my reading. 

How are you doing in your reading? 


  1. I was the same way. Leviticus bogged me down. But with this reading schedule, we are only in Leviticus for a very short time. It makes it very doable.

  2. I'm up to date, too! Well, I haven't done today's reading yet, but usually I do it right after lunch when my son is napping. I'm proud to have gotten through Exodus, too. Here's to making it through the whole Pentateuch! : )



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