04 June 2010

Military Spouse Blogger

How many of you out there are military spouses?  How many of you out there support the military?  How many of you would like to find more blogs out there that are written by military spouses?  Well, you do not have to wait.  Ann Marie over at Household 6 Diva has started a link up for all military spouses who are bloggers. 

If you are interested please feel free to click on the box in my sidebar called "Military Spouse Blogger" and it will bring you right to Ann Marie's site.  Please stop by her site and feel free to leave a comment. 

Thank you Ann Marie for this wonderful community you are starting!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad you like the idea!
    Welcome to the neighborhood! :)
    And thank YOU for sharing this on your blog!



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