05 April 2010

"Tintabell, Ms Bob"

You know what I love?

I love listening to little children; especially those who mispronounce words, or cannot quite say their letters properly.  For example, my name is Barb BUT to most little ones I am "Ms Bob".  My son has a little speech delay, and was in speech before we moved from Maryland.  At one time it made me kind of sad having him go to speech because I knew that the words he mispronounced would eventually turn into the correct way.  Is that wrong???  I have a best friend whom lives in Maryland and my son will call her "Ms Angewa" (Ms Angela) or he will call her son "Aarwin" (Aaron).  Priceless!!
The other day while at my daughter's soccer practice a friend of mine was there with her little ones.  I call her youngest one "Tink", after being Tinkerbell for Halloween.  Well, if you ask little "Ms Tink" what Ms Bob calls her it is "Tintabell", but the best part is her facial expressions to go along with it, I cannot even explain it because it is Tinks own little look.  Or when I blow a bubble with my bubble gum she is so eager to pop it.  Well, when she finally "pops" it, she gets real excited and says "I potp da bubdle"! 

I love listening to my same friend's son speak with my son.  E man (friend's son) will call my son "Toltin"(Kolton).  In one instance, E man was being corrected by his mother, and his mom asked what he did to his sister and his response was "I tatle her" (I tackled her).  It is just priceless (his words not that he tatle, I mean tackled her).  It brings a smile to my heart hearing the words from mouths of babes.

I have to mention that there were a lot of red marks during my spell check ;)

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  1. When I was about five, a friend who lived next door would pronounce my name (which is Tracey) "Tratreeze" - short "a" sound and rhyming with "freeze." Our family still remembers her today; it was so sweet!



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