15 April 2010

Foul Language in Books

I started reading this book a couple of weeks back, this particular book was turned into a movie that has been a big blockbuster.  The subject was football, and if you do not know I am huge football fan, and I mean huge.  I was very excited to read about the life of this certain football player, and went to the library to check it out.  After reading about half of the book I was starting to turn from it.  Not because it was boring, but because of the foul language.  At first, I was like "wow" and then it started to become a little more and more into the book, and now I cannot even enjoy it anymore.

I cannot quite understand why authors need to put such foul language into the storylines.  These words were not very nice words either, words that I do not like hearing let alone reading.  It is now at the point where I have just stopped reading it, and I will be returning the book to the library this week.  Now most of these words were interviews that the author had with other people; I understand wanting to have the full quote but is there any other way to exclude the words?

What are your thoughts on this???

1 comment:

  1. I don't mind a little bit of it, but when an author overdoes it, I call that 'lazy writing.' You can't exactly have mafia guys walking around saying 'gee, willikers,' but do they have to use the "F" word every other sentence? I don't remember that much swearing in 'The Godfather,' although I'm sure there was some. But geesh, some of the more recent films drive me nuts. My husband and sons like these films and it doesn't bother them, but I usually just shake my head and leave the room.
    As far as books, I'd probably skim past those scenes. But it sounds like there was so much in your book that if you skimmed, there'd be nothing left to read. What a shame.
    BTW, I'm no prude. I can swear with the best of 'em if I'm mad. I just don't like it in daily conversation! (And I never swear around kids or in polite company!)



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