16 January 2010

Situation on My Hands......

I don't know about you, but I LOVE football.  It is a huge event in our household.  My husband is from Indiana so his team is the Indianapolis Colts.  His favorite player is Peyton Manning, trust me it makes it easy at his birthday and Christmas to find him gift.  My husband has his own little "man cave" that has nothing but Colts.  I do have to admit it looks really nice down there.  When we were moving to Alaska my husband and son had a opportunity to go to a Colts vs Jaguars open season game.  My husband was like a little kid in a candy shop.  He couldn't sleep the night before because he was soooo excited.  My son on the other hand.....

IS A HUGE RAVENS FAN!!!  I mean HUGE!!! My son used to be a Colts fan until this happened:

Yes, that is my son running on the field of the M&T Bank Stadium, home of the Ravens.  That was his first time out of three, and during this visit he received a miniature ravens helmet and a over the neck key chain.  He was hooked.  No more Peyton Manning jersey, no more colts uniform, and no more Colts.  I wasn't sure how the hubby would handle this.  My husband did handle it quite well, probably because he did on the field security for the Ravens. 

Well, today is the playoffs for the NFL, and we are home bound watching the outcome of each game.  Please understand we do not take football lightly.  I guess you could call us die-hard football fans.  Now I am a Colts, Ravens and Vikings (from MN) fan.  I like all three! 

However, I have a HUGE situation on my hands.  The Colts play the Ravens today!!!!!  That means father against son.  My son keeps telling my husband that the "Colts are going doooown".  The game comes on here in a couple of hours and I cannot count how many times I have heard my son ask if the game is on yet. 

I am not taking sides today, I just can't.  I am happy with either team winning today.  This is how serious the situation is:

***no one was injured during picture taking***

I will keep you posted how the situation unravels!



  1. These two are hilarious!
    Love your two guys!!
    Let me know who wins!
    Now that the Beloved Eagles are out, I don't really pay attention anymore!

  2. Today is out turn - GO Vikes! Sorry Jerry I had to go with the grandson on this one.. But I'm glad he colts won for Barb's sake...



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