26 March 2010

Son's Room Complete!

Remember last Friday I talked about decorating frugally and that the hubby and I planned on doing that throughout our house? If you missed it you can read that here.  Well, last Sunday afternoon that is what we did with our son's room.  Here are some before pics:

***Please disregard the garbage bag ;)***

***The toy box took up so much space***

***How horibble is that? We had an issue with his DVD's until recently***

Now here are the after pictures:

***Kolton's expression upon seeing his room***


***DVD problem fixed...$2 rack from the thrift store; now I have to get the DVDs from his sisters room***

  ***This is my favorite...My hubby had the idea of hanging my son's cowboy hat under the shelf.***

So what do you think?

The total cost on redesiging my son's room was:

The cost really would of been $2 because of the DVD rack but last Saturday we HAD to go pick up a shadow box and picture frame to hang his Tae Kwon Do accomplishments on his wall. 

The best part....
His room is done, and now I can move onto another room in the house!

For more Frugal Friday please jump on over to LifeAsMom.


  1. Wow - it looks great!! Can't beat that price, either! I'm hoping to take a bit of time today to go through my girls' room and get things straightened up a bit. I think the spring cleaning fever is kicking in!

  2. Looks great! I will be tackling my little boys' room this week. I think we need to do some editing too! I love that you hung up his board!

  3. Thank you ladies!
    @Tracey~ Spring is just around the corner here and I would like to have a lot done before it gets here ;)
    @Amy Lynne~ We just had to hang up his board; we all were so proud of him. Plus, Tae Kwon Do is his passion, and we all were so proud ;)

  4. Cool room! I'm sure he is loving it. http://www.militarymovesyou.com

  5. Fantastic! You did a nice job with this room. I like how you used the space under his bed. :)



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