02 March 2010

Our Emergency Fund...

It has happened, Murphy has hit us.

You know who Murphy is right?

I am sure you do.

You know the Murphy who comes around and messes things up.  Military wives tend to know Murphy all to well.  You see when the hubby has to leave for a quick TDY ("a business trip"), or out to the field, or even a deployment Murphy hits.  For example, your vehicle all of sudden needs to go the repair shop, or your washer floods all over your floor, or you get really sick and need help with the kids.  That is Murphy, the dreaded Murphy.

Well, Murphy has hit us, but thank goodness the hubby was home.  Trust me I am not grateful that Murphy hit, but I am grateful that we listened to Dave and started our baby emergency fund.  Yesterday, we had to bring my truck into the repair shop because it was making some really loud noises.  It was so bad that when I pull into the gas station people instantly start looking to see where the noise is coming from.  Of course all I want to do is hide, but then I am like "its me!" 

I am so grateful that we had our emergency fund set up, and I have no stress about where the money to pay for the repairs will be coming from.  Now of course Murphy hit about three weeks after it was fully funded.  I thought Murphy would at least a couple of months, but I guess Murphy had other plans. 

I am also grateful that the extra income that God has provided for us will only take two paychecks to replenish the fund. 

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