25 February 2010

Snacks for Sports

I have two children who participate in indoor soccer right now.  One thing that I instantly think about is the snacks that the parents are suppose to provide after each game.  Luckily, there is a snack roster, and each parent is to sign up for one game.  Not to bad, right? Well, what about the sports that you are to sign up for more than one game? When my son played basketball this past winter we had to provide snacks three times!  Eventually, the cost starts to add up!

I would like to just make something homemade because it would be so much cheaper.  However, some parents do not like homemade snacks, and prefer the convenience items.  I wouldn't want to make something homemade and then think that someone threw it away. 

Remember a couple of weeks I ago I wrote about buying in bulk? Well, I am going to buy some convenience items including drinks that will be used only for sports.  Since I have to buy for my daughter and my son it would be cheaper to purchase the items in bulk.  Whatever is left will be used for my son's t-ball team.

My children pretty much play every season sport so overtime this will save us some money!

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