12 February 2010

Buying in Bulk....

When I first started reading blogs I noticed many of the bloggers would talk about buying in bulk.  The more I read about buying in bulk the more it made sense.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize it?  I guess I didn't "break it down to barney level" enough for myself, or I was just being plain lazy and not checking prices.  Until I moved to Alaska....

The prices here in Alaska tend to be a little higher than the lower 48 depending on what you are purchasing.  For example if you go here you can see how I saved A LOT of money on clothes for next year.  I am really starting to price check items, and trying learning to not impulse buy. 

I do most of my grocery shopping at Sam's Club or the Commissary, so most of my price checking is between those two stores.  Well, one lovely cold day here in Alaska while at Sam's I saw a six pound of tomato sauce for around $3!  I grabbed two cans and when I arrived home I opened one and separated it into different freezer bags.  I then put them into the freezer and have sauce that can be used for pizza, baked ziti, or spaghetti.  Once the sauce is defrosted all it will need is seasoning and/or meat.  For a $3 can of tomato sauce I am able to make about five meals.  Talk about buying in bulk!

One thing to watch is just because it is at a wholesale store doesn't mean it is always the best deal.  For example, I can purchase more meat from the Commissary then from Sam's.  So when you have a chance start comparing prices, and I would also recommend writing it down!  There were so many times I would try to remember prices from which store and of course I couldn't.  When writing it down, write how much it costs, the size of the item, and the unit price. 

What about you? Do you buy in bulk? If so, what have you found that gives you more for your money?

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  1. Yes you do have to be careful what you get the warehouse stores, like Sams. :) One item that I can't go wrong in getting at Sam's is baking supply staples like flour, sugar, yeast, and spices. :)

    With a family of 7, I love buying in bulk. I go to Sam's once a month and buy items that I need for the month. I just finished putting together my February list and it is around $200 but several of the items will last me more than just one month. :) Along with Sam's shopping once a month, I hit the local grocery stores for the weekly deals.

  2. I love buying in bulk. It is so much easier to not have to bring all five kids to the store each week. I also love knowing that if something happens we still have healthy food in the house.
    My best buy is my organic flour- 50lb for $36.00 and organic sucanat 50lb for $90.00!! I'm excited about those prices!!

  3. Stockpiling and glad for itMarch 2, 2010 at 7:19 PM

    We started buying in bulk when my husband got hurt last year and didn't work for 6 months. It is so much easier and cheaper than running to Walmart each week. I was so relieved to have this supply of food when we got snowed in at the beginning of Feb. and couldn't leave the house for a week. I even had powdered milk in the pantry and wasn't concerned with not having milk to cook with. I would recommend this to anyone wishing to live a more frugal and simplier life.



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