10 February 2010

My Old Navy Steal Deal.....

So a friend of mine told me about the GREAT sale Old Navy had going on.  She also had told me everything that she had gotten, and I knew immediately that I HAD to go.  I mean it is a need for clothes, right??? I knew my blessings would need clothes for next year, and since I have been home for the past FOREVER with this kidney stone I thought I would go shopping!!! And so I did....

I wanted to show you all the items that I had bought today.  Now remember the prices tend to be a little higher here in Alaska, but I think it is still a great deal for the lower 48 states.

I was able to get all of this for $38.28!!! It says I saved only $38.49 BUT did I mention that ALL clearance was an additional 50 percent off.  So, if really sat down and added up all the tags it would be way more than a $38 savings!!!  The highest price I paid was $4.24 and that was on the black hoodie for my son for next spring/fall, and the rest was anyway from 99 cents to $3.24.  The four Joy reusable bags up at top, I paid only 24 cents....24 cents that is it!!!! 

So in total I purchased:

4 reusable bags
4 long sleeve shirts for my daughter
6 long sleeve shirts for my son
1 hoodie for my son
4 shirts for myself
1 fleece hoodie for my new nephew
1 pair of fleece gloves for myself (99cents)

What a great day of shopping....don't you think???



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