15 February 2010

Menu Monday Feb 15th-19th

Wow! It feels like I haven't planned a menu forever!  Last time I did was February 1st and I was not able to follow that one because that is when I was dealing with that silly ol' stone (which I finally passed on Saturday and will not need surgery now, praise God). 
I am ready to jump back in with my menu and start making real food.  Bless my husband because he did a great job when I was down but I am ready to get back to cooking and baking.  We are pretty busy this week with our usual Girl Scouts, ballet, and tae kwon do.  We do have some other activities going on as well, and I am ready to get back into our routine.

Monday, Feb. 15th
chocolate chip pancakes
picnic lunch (we are heading to Mt McKinley to witness God's beauty)
Any choice (since we will be out today, I am not planning on a dinner)

Tuesday, Feb. 16th
french toast
noodles with strawberries
Lipton chicken with potatoes

Wednesday, Feb. 17th
sandwiches with strawberries and oranges
baked ziti

Thursday, Feb. 18th
pizza with kiwi
parmesan chicken with green bean casserole and rice

Friday, Feb. 19th
grilled turkey and cheese with pineapple
Out to dinner (Hubby's birthday!!!!)

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and spent $415 between Sams Club and the Commissary.   I was pretty proud of myself because I budgeted $500, and now I only need to hit the store for milk and some fresh fruit.  I am planning on doing a a little cooking for the freezer but I just have to plan on a day to do that.

How has your week been or looking like? Any new recipes you plan on trying?

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