15 February 2010

God's Beauty Surrounding Us

Last September my family and I relocated from Maryland to Alaska (hubby is active duty Army).  We were very excited when we found out because we have tried to have an Alaskan assignment since 2002.  We have always heard that "Alaska is the Army's hidden secret."  We have heard that the winters are cold, but the summers make up for that.  Okaaaay????  We weren't sure what they meant and we are still not sure because we have yet to experience summer here.  However, we are loving Alaska, even the winter.  The beauty that God has surrounded us with is breathtaking.  Here, take a look for yourself (please know that pictures do not show the true beauty).....
***This is leaving out the main gate where we live***

***This is heading to North Pole, AK***

***This is the view that one of my closest friends is able to take in every morning/evening from her living room***

***Look at how pretty the sky is, and this is at the park right down from our house***

***This was taken today on our way to Denali National Park***

***Our view when we ate our picnic lunch***

***This was truly breathtaking***

We are so truly happy and blessed that God has sent us here to this beautiful and practically untouched state.  We just LOVE that wherever we go we see the mountains with the sun rising or setting over them.  We literally see the beauty surrounding us, the beauty that God has created, the beauty that He has created for us to be amazed over.  Ahhhh how I LOVE Alaska!!!

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  1. what beautiful pictures you truly captured some of our Lords most beautiful work

  2. Thank you! We have been stationed in many beautiful places but Alaska is far the most beautiful we have seen.
    Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Beautiful,cold,freezing,next you can be stationed in Hawaii..very warm.. :)




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