16 February 2010

Homeschool Curriculum

I can't believe we are almost half way through the school year.  With this being my first year of homeschooling I have determined that this was the best decision to make, well that God has told me to do.  I have loved having my children home with me, and being able to be their teacher is a blessing.  I love it!  When I first started I was thinking about homeschooling until they started high school but I may be changing my mind about that!

One thing that I plan on doing is to finish the curriculum we already have.  For example, my daughter is only half way through her first book of math (there are two books).  So, instead of buying the next grade I will just finish up where we left off.  She will be in fourth grade next year but will be using third grade math.  Math is a subject that my daughter has to work a little harder in, while the language arts is where she excels.

It will really help my daughter because she will be able to finish the third grade math, and feel comfortable moving onto fourth grade.  I do not want my daughter to feel rushed; I want my daughter to know what she is learning before we move on to the next level.

This works for me!

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  1. Hi! So neat to read a little about your new homeschool journey! I've been homeschooling for 9 years now.

    I thought I would just share with you what we do for math, it's sort of similar to what you described.

    We do school year round. I take off lots of breaks but don't have any set calendar...because who knows what life will bring 6 months from now.

    Generally I give new curriculum in August...but not math. Here's why. Saving the new math books for January/February, gives us something to look forward to. The harder stuff is at the back of the math book. So they spend the first half of the "new school year" working hard. When they get their new math books it is almost like a breath of fresh air. The math is suddenly very easy and the work load seems lighter. It recharges us when the winter blahs set in.

  2. Hi Amanda~

    That is a great idea about new books in the winter, especially living in Alaska that would really help us out. Thank you!

    I also take little breaks throughout the year just last week we had to take a whole week off due to my kidney stone. We will do some school during the summer also. On Friday, I plan on writing about how I will save money when purchasing curriculum. Here in Alaska they give us allotments to homeschool so alot of things I can purchase with that!
    Thank you for stopping by!



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