06 February 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack!!!

Well, kind of.  I have yet to pass this stone but I am doing much better than I was earlier in the week.  These kidney stones are no joke!  I have never had one in my life, and I never ever want to have them again!  I literally have been down this whole week, but you know what?  I have learned and heard a lot this week. 

My hubby was able to have this whole week off to take care of his "patient".  He did an amazing job!! I have such a wonderful hubby.  My hubby has pretty much surprised me this week.  He has done all the laundry, cleaned the house, taken care of the kids, and has cooked some (nothing like his pizza) but he has cooked.  This whole week I have not heard him complain, at all.  He has jumped right in and picked up where I left off.  I sure do love that man.  Thank you Lord for giving me my husband.

My children have been a real blessing also.  The first day I was down my daughter made me a beautiful picture, and in one of the areas she wrote "You can do all things through Christ".  I had a very proud mommy moment.  My son has been a real gentleman.  He will "sneak" into room, and whisper "Mom, you okay, and mom I love you." AWWW...how I love my two little blessings.  The best part though is hearing them interact with each other.  They have a bond that will last forever.  I love the way they play, and laugh, and yes there is some arguing but it doesn't last very long.  Lord thank you for blowing your breath into them, and sending Kaitlyn and Kolton to us, they are truly blessings.

My friends have been so wonderful to me and my family.  Each day I will receive either a txt or email asking how I am doing, and if there is anything we need to please let them know.  For example, one of my dear friends watched my two blessings while my hubby took me to the doctors.  Well, comes to find out her daughter also had a doctors appointment, and she had taken my blessings with her!  I was so overwhelmed with emotions because my friend could of said "sorry my daughter has an appointment also".  But she didn't, and also I failed to mention that my friend is nine months pregnant!  I have another friend that I txt with all day, everyday, and I mean all day ;)  She has been a true blessing to me and her txts have really helped me through the days.  So to my ladies...THANK YOU AND YOU ARE BLESSINGS TO ME AND MY FAMILY!  Lord thank you for sending these wonderful people into our life's, we have very amazing friends and we are blessed that You have put them in our paths.

Also, my husband receives a phone call from his boss, stating that his wife and a friend will be preparing dinner for us.  WHAT!?!?  Lord Jesus thank you!  It was such a blessing to know that these wonderful people (I have only met once) would be so willing to help us.  So on Wednesday we had chicken parmesan with pasta, and Friday we had Shepard's' Pie.  They both were wonderful and my family and I are so truly thankful.  Lord please pour blessings down upon these two families that have taken time to help us, dear Lord.

I am still not 100 percent but I do plan on getting back to posting but they will not be everyday, until this thing passes.  I will be updating on my 2010 goals,  Booking It, and our homeschool story, and I hope I can do that this coming week. 

Thank you to everyone that has been praying for me and my family, we truly can feel them ;)  I pray you all have a blessed weekend.

Tomorrow I will be sitting on my couch in my Colts #44 jersey surrounding by friends enjoying the Super Bowl. 


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