09 January 2010

Day 9 of Eating from the Pantry Challenge

We are at Day 11 of this challenge and I am starting to feel it now.  On our menu for dinner yesterday was homemade pizza.  No big deal very easy to make.  The problem I didn't want to make it.  All I wanted to do was just let everyone eat whatever they wanted or got out to eat.  Well, going out to eat was kind of going against what we were trying to do and that was save money.  Plus, we went out to eat the other night and used our entertainment money because we are so busy this week that we weren't going to use it anyways.
In all honesty, all I wanted was CEREAL....but of course we won't have that until the 14th when I go grocery shopping.  Thanks to my brother who mentioned to me yesterday that he was having Pizza Hut, it made me more eager to make dinner.  Nothing against Pizza Hut it really is my favorite pizza place but I started thinking about how much money it would cost and all the other unhealthy stuff they put in their food.  So I decided that I can make my own healthy version and only pay a couple dollars to make it. Well, I mentioned to my husband how I did not feel like making it but started it anyways.  After I started the dough and was kneading it my husband came into the kitchen and made the rest of the pizza.  LORD BLESS HIM!!! 

Please let me explain we have been married for a little over ten years and he has only made one dinner.  Now when I was deployed he did make dinner for our daughter but I don't count that because I wasn't there =)  I was so happy that I had to take pictures of him actually making dinner.  I was very thankful and I am truly blessed to have him as my husband. 

Here is Hubby trying to find the rolling pin (I was laughing so hard because I wouldn't tell him)

Hubby kneading dough and preparing to put in on the pizza pan

Hubby being so proud of his "masterpiece" not to sure about the pose though ;)

The challenge is going very well and I will be posting our menu for next week.  Thank you to everyone that commented and gave me some really good ideas for our menu.  I can't wait to try to them!!!

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  1. LOL!!!!!!! Those pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing, and great idea w/the homemade pizza. If you guys ever decide to switch to whole wheat, Darren actually makes his own dough--gotta love these pizza making men! ;)

  2. Way to go Jerry..Looking good in the kitchen. When we come see you be sure to make some for us. Dennis just loves pizza..

  3. YAY for Hubbys! Mine also made dinner tonight! Stuffed Peppers! We have been "snowed" in for days and Im going crazy! With a 4yr old and a newborn crying so he offered and I accepted and they were great! :D

    *I say "snowed" in b/c we live in East TN and we actually have about an inch of snow but we live on a hill and it is solid sheet of ice..so we arent chancing it!

    Love your blog, check it every day! Keep em coming!

  4. Lilly~Thank you...I do plan on switching to whole wheat; I just have to incoroprate slowly. I will be checking yours and Darrens recipes ;)

    Mom~ Yes, Jerry will be cooking for you all, if he is here and not out in the field =)

    Sara~Thank you very much!!! Stuffed peppers sound soooo good. My daughter is dying to go to TN, and I know what you mean about snow. I live in Alaska!!! Again thank you for reading!! =)




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