11 January 2010

Menu Plan for Jan 11th-15th

I am so glad this week has finally arrived.  I get to go grocery shopping!!!  Don't tell anyone but I am starting to think "man, there is nothing to eat".  However, whenever I think that, immediately the Lord shows me there is plenty.  How great is He?!?!?!  However, it has a been great week and weekend and I am now ready for a new week.

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Breakfast: homemade waffles with blueberries
Lunch: chicken noodle soup with crackers
Dinner: enchiladas w/black beans, shredded chicken & rice

Breakfast: muffins & smoothies
Lunch: homemade chicken nuggets with applesauce
Dinner: onion roasted chicken & potatoes

Breakfast: pancakes
Lunch: sandwiches with chips (daughter has ballet at 1230-130 so we bring our lunch)
Dinner: spaghetti & garlic bread

Breakfast: french toast
Lunch: rice & hot dogs
Dinner: seasoned chicken, homemade mac & cheese w/peas

Breakfast: CEREAL!!!!!!!!
Lunch: CEREAL!!!!  (Just kidding ;)  homemade pizza
Dinner:  Leftovers (I think I know what the hubby will be eating...can you guess??? ;)

I want to thank the ladies who provided some ideas for my menu plan this week.  I actually used some of them but mixed it up a bit.  The nice part about this menu is that I pretty much have everything for it, except one or two items.  That means when it is shopping day I will only be shopping for the next two weeks!!!  If that occurs, I will have bypassed my goal of two weeks and did an entire month.  YAY ME!!!! Don't you just love it when you can do that???  I just need to make it there first!

Tomorrow the only thing planned is school and my daughter has Girl Scouts in the evening.  My plan tomorrow (God willing) is to make a couple loaves of homemade bread (with my new bread maker, once I figure it out), butterscotch brownies with a white icing, and some jello that I have had since we moved here in Oct.  These items will make great snacks and I also plan on making some cookies!!!  I think that maybe the tough part of the challenge was not having enough snacks for the children.  We had snacks but not a real variety.  I did bring out a loaf of banana bread from the freezer and that is close to being done.

I am so pleased that I decided to participate in the "eating from the pantry challenge" because my children, my hubby and I have truly learned to eat what we have.  When we get to the "bare minimums" we will run to the store to grab some items.  We have learned that there really is enough and God always provides, just sometimes we have to see what is in front of us first.

How about you? How was your week or weekend?  Are you trying any new recipes? If you are participating in the challenge, how are you doing? 

For more menu ideas please jump on over to Org Junkie

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