11 January 2010

My Friends

For this GratiTuesday I want to say that I am very grateful for my friends.  God has brought so many wonderful people into my life that has had an impact on me, big or small.  Sometimes when I am sitting or while I may doing something a thought will come to mind and I think "wow, she is awesome, how could I have done that without her." 
Some of those are also family members that we lost "contact" over the years but have built an awesome friendship through Christ.  Some of these friends are ones that I have had since Middle school, we may not talk as much as I like but know I can call them anytime and we will pick up where we left off.  No feelings of anger or "why didn't you call" because we know how life can be. 

Then I have found some new friends from writing this blog.  How I wish I could sit down with each and everyone of you.  To hear your stories and just to be able to Thank You personally for being a friend of The Forever Neighbor!  I know there are some that read everyday and I THANK YOU!!!

You also have the friends that you have known for only a short awhile, and pray that you could have more time with them.  But yet those friends have a big impact on you in so many ways you wonder how they could in such a short amount of time.  Or maybe you only know some friends for four months and you move away and they have become like family. 

Or you have friends from your last duty station that you never really connected with and God has blessed you by sending them to your next duty station.  So now you are able to connect with them and build a wonderful friendship that will last a lifetime.  Or you have friends from your last duty station that have gone to other places such as California and New York, and you thank God for them and their friendship.  Also, God continues to bless you by putting people in your path that will have an impact in your life for many years to come.

Then you have those friends that have been with you through the tears (yes I do cry, and some are shocked when I do ;)  the hurt, the failures, the fears, but also the laughter and when you make a fool of yourself.  They are right there with you making fools of themselves so you are not alone.  Then when you move you realize how much you miss them and how you would love to have just one more hour with them.  Just to have coffee ;) or chips and queso ;) or just to tell them that you love them, and how much they truly mean to you. 
I never could of gotten where I was today without ALL of them.  God truly knows what He is doing!  So I am grateful for my friends or should I say my "sisters"! 
Thank you God for sending this wonderful, awesome, ladies into my life!

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  1. I once was told that GOd places these people in our lives to teach us lessons as well as to love us

  2. Amen. We have really seen this at our current duty station. The Lord really seems to give us exactly what we need even if we don't realize it at the time.

  3. I so believe this. I believe as other posters, that God puts people in your lives for seasons and others for a lifetime or for that occasional phone call of encouragement, at just the right time. God is so good to us to allow all these precious friends, however they are manifested. Good work on the blog, btw! :)



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