12 January 2010

Asking for Prayer.....

For those of who you do not know but Haiti has been hit with a 7.0 earthquake today.  The aftershocks have been measured at 5.9; to me that is one big aftershock.  This earthquake has caused much devastation on this tiny little country that is about the size of Maryland. 
When I heard about this earthquake it truly opened my eyes that we do not know what each and every day can hold.  Today I felt like anything that could go wrong, did.  I was trying very hard not to have a bad day and take things out on my family.  Then I hear about this horrible catastrophe.  It then made me realize, I am here with my husband and children, my home, food, and water.  How many are without their children or without their parents?  How many are without food, water and how many have lost their homes? 

A hospital was brought down to the ground, and houses were falling into ravines.  So many people are truly affected by this horrible event.  People who are like each and everyone of us.  Some are parents, children, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, brothers, and sisters.  All who are being affected and all who are needing our prayer.  I am not exactly sure what your walk is with God, but I know that if you or I were in this situation, we would want people praying for us.  So, I am asking everyone to please pray for all those that are affected by this earthquake.

Thank you!

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  1. I am feeling the same way you are. I had the kids watch video of the disaster online today. It leads to very deep discussions with your children.
    The first thing out of there mouths was, "How can we save money and give it to them?"

    These people need hope right now, Haiti was an extremely impoverished island before this, and now it's even worse. I agree in prayer with you, that even in their darkness that God will send His servants with not just clean water and tangable supplies but the living water that will change lives and bring a new hope.



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